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About Urban Logic Tech

Urban Logic Tech is a pioneering startup dedicated to transforming urban logistics through innovative, sustainable solutions.

Founded in June 2024 we address the social, ethical, sustainability and emissions challenges posed by emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence, blockchain, cybersecurity, and soon quantum computing.

Our advanced platforms, the Sustainable City Logistics Evaluation Platform (SCLEP) and the Last Mile Digital Platform are built on a robust foundation, tested and validated in the European Commission’s H2020 Research and Innovation Action “LEAD”.

Our Mission in Urban Logistics AI

At Urban Logic Tech, we are pioneers in sustainable urban logistics solutions.

We utilize ethically and responsibly developed AI and machine learning to transform urban freight, reduce emissions, and enhance delivery efficiency, contributing to smarter, cleaner cities.

Major Achievements in Urban Logistics AI

Our platforms have achieved significant milestones:

  • 30% reduction in urban congestion and emissions using AI-driven logistics solutions.
  • 25% reduction in transport and delivery costs through efficient AI algorithms.
  • Recognized as a Key Exploitable Result by Horizon 2020 for our Sustainable City Logistics Evaluation Platform (SCLEP).
  • Significant reductions in energy usage and elimination of CO2, PM2.5, and NO2 emissions.
  • Awarded the Spanish National Sustainable Mobility Award for our innovations in urban logistics AI.

Good Practices in Sustainability and Social Responsibility Case Study in the European logistics and transport sector, by the European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency (EISMEA).

Sustainable City Logistics Best Practice, underlying technology by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology Urban Mobility. Technology Solution featured in EIT Urban Mobility Innovation Marketplace.

Winner of the Spanish National Sustainable Mobility Award in the Product category, as a catalyst to the green and digital goods road transport transitions, improve cities’ liveability and  contribute to achieving U.N. Sustainable Develoment Goals.

H2020 Research and Innovation Action “LEAD” Key Exploitable Result for innovative solutions in urban logistics. Validated by academic and industry leaders, reducing congestion and emissions significantly. Featured in Horizon Results Platform.