Industrial and Intellectual Property

Last update: June 2024

Intellectual Property

Last Mile Team S.L. holds exclusive exploitation rights worldwide for the collection of computer software constituting the “Last Mile Digital Platform.” This includes rights for reproduction, distribution, public communication, and transformation, in any modality existing as of March 3, 2017, as registered in the General Intellectual Property Registry under registration record number 16/2017/5335.

Urban Logic Tech S.L. has been granted the same rights as Last Mile Team S.L. These rights are equally enforceable by Urban Logic Tech S.L., ensuring both entities hold exclusive rights over the software.

Excluded from this protection are files or computer software not owned by Urban Logic Tech S.L. and freely accessible (freeware – software with GNU/GLP license) that users might find and download from any page of the websites to facilitate access to the sites and the services offered. These are, in any case, public domain apps by the express will of their authors.

Also excluded from this protection are third-party works found on the websites under license, with their protection extent clearly delimited.

Content, texts, pictures, designs, logos, images, sounds, videos, animations, recordings, computer software, source code, and, in general, any intellectual work existing on the websites, as well as the websites themselves as a whole, as a multimedia artistic work, are protected as copyright by current intellectual property legislation. This applies to works of our own authorship and those under third-party license.

Some of the websites use, among others, a free software category content management system (CMS) with a GNU/GLP license as the base working application.

In accordance with the above, Urban Logic Tech S.L. holds exclusive rights for reproduction, distribution, public communication, and transformation, as well as any other proprietary rights over the elements described in the preceding paragraph; all without prejudice to the moral rights of authorship corresponding to their authors.

Industrial Property

Graphic and denominative distinctive marks appearing on the websites, notably the figurative mark containing the word elements “Urban Logic Tech,” are our exclusive property and are registered as an EU Trade Mark with EUIPO. Consequently, the use of such marks in economic traffic by third parties without our express consent is prohibited. The presence of distinctive marks of different ownership on the websites is done with the authorization of their legitimate owners, always respecting their exclusive rights.

Domain Names

In the same sense, as referred to in the preceding paragraph, the domain name, and any others used to access the websites directly or indirectly, are our exclusive property. Misuse of these in economic traffic is a breach of the rights inherent to their registration and fair use, and will be pursued by all legal means available.

Link to Website Conditions

People or entities that aim to link from another web page or internet portal to any page of the websites must comply with the following conditions:

  • Any link to the websites will only be to the landing pages, with prior express consent by Urban Logic Tech S.L.
  • No “frames,” “deep-links,” or image links with websites pages will be established without prior express consent by Urban Logic Tech S.L.
  • No false, inexact, or incorrect information will be included about the pages of the websites, the services offered, or their contents.
  • Establishing a link will not imply the existence of a relationship between Urban Logic Tech S.L. and the legitimate holder of the web page from which it is made, nor the knowledge or acceptance by Urban Logic Tech S.L. of the services and contents offered on that web page.

Establishing a link without respecting these conditions could constitute a violation of the intellectual and/or industrial property rights held by Urban Logic Tech S.L. by the company or individual responsible for those websites.

Professional Use

Our websites are intended for professional use, especially targeted to the logistics and transport sectors. Any other use must be agreed upon with us in advance.

Reservation of Actions

Use of the content or services of the websites does not imply the concession of a license or authorization to use any of our industrial or intellectual property rights, or any other rights. Users of the websites are obliged to respect these rights and to avoid any actions that could harm them. Urban Logic Tech S.L. reserves the right to exercise all legal means available in defense of our legitimate intellectual and industrial property rights.
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